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Are we more insolated than ever
LA 02/10/2003

Right after the tragedy of 9/11 almost all the People in the world either loved the Americans or were sympathetic to the Americans. Today February the 10 almost all the people in the world hate the American or despise them.

President Bush out of the Blue decided on a war against Iraq and in the Beginning going in it alone without the United Nations. This was another step backward canceling the decade of efforts to build a world order through international law.
His decision to go in almost alone or with selected allies will have huge devastating effects.
Again President Bush is threatening to go onto war again without his main allies with a coalition of the less significant Countries

President Bush has threatened the United Nation to make them irrelevant if they did not follow his policy.
President Bush is on its way to destabilize the United Nations which is a United State creation nurtured by almost all the American Presidents and above all a clear endeavor to go towards a world where the rule of law is sought after in opposition of President Bush policy which is useof force without law

In order to have its Pet war President Bush has asked Selected nations in Europe to support him instead of supporting their European Allies. DIVIDE TO CONQUER is now his policy, the sad twist is that he is applying this hostile policy to his own friends and Allies
President Bush was thus able to split the European Union which is a crucial partner in the fight against Terrorism.

President Bush never even paid attention to Russia's President, President Putin desire not to go to war.
President Bush thus transformed a relation which was an excellent one into one of complete mistrust and opposition. Russia is still among  one of the most powerful nation in Europe with an exceptional leader.

President Bush without other NATO members agreement decided to guaranty to Turkey that they will receive as a member NATO's support in the form of arms and troops from the other members. It is a right of Turkey to ask for protection as a member of NATO. But Turkey will be in danger only if the US invades Iraq. Amazingly the US are telling Turkey, go and ask for protection from NATO because we are going to invade Iraq. This will allow the US government to drag NATO into the conflict by the back door.

NATO is a defensive alliance and not an offensive alliance but the US Government is trying to turn it upside down into an offensive alliance.
Think about it and let's take an example: Poland a NATO member decdes to attack the Country Ukraine which is not a NATO member  for whatever reason then they turn to Hungary a NATO member which is close to the theater of war and tell them; you are a Nato memeber, there is a good chance that while we attack Ukraine, Ukraine may bomb you.
Ask for implementation of the defensive clause because you are a member and NATO will come to your help with weapon and troops.
Using this tactic Poland will be able to drag NATO into an offensive war and without the blessing of the UN.

It is exactly the same scheme used by the USA to drag Nato into an offensive war not sanctioned by the UN
What is amazing is that very few commentators can see it

Some members did not like again and again to be told by the USA: It is our way or the Highway and are refusing to send arms and troops to Turkey while other members are in Favor.
President Bush has succeeded in splitting NATO which is a creation of the USA and to make matters worse the American government has commented that NATO is facing a crisis of credibility.

Besides the fact that President Bush has invented a necessity for a full scale war on Iraq to suit his political ambitions and psychological baggage. He has the dubious honor to have achieved the following:
- Showing to the world that he could not care less for respecting international laws represented by the United Nations
-More People hating the American than any time in History beside the Vietnam war Era.
-A goal of making the institution of the United Nations irrelevant.
-A division among our European allies using the old strategy: divide to conquer. A strategy of dreadful consequences.
-Misusing NATO and messing up with its members

The USA is more isolated than 10 years ago or 2 years ago and President Bush actions have created more division among US allies than the US policy during the Vietnam war Era but if a full scale war is waged on Iraq then it will become even worse.

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