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The United States of America is the only super power today in military terms as well as economic terms.

What makes the USA such a great and unique country?

Is it the land?
Well the USA has a large land, rich and fertile.
However other country such as India, China, Russia, Canada have larger lands, rich and fertile and in this domain America is not Unique.

Is it the population?
Well the US citizen are young compare to old Europe but the average age is younger in Africa and Asia and it has a medium size population. So America is not unique.

Is it Education?
Regarding the education; many other nations' students rank above the USA's students depending on the subject.
Among western developed countries and if you add Japan the USA rank at the bottom of the class regarding education.
So America in this domain is not unique.

Is it the fact that the USA population use the same language?
Not really because Russia and India and Brazil have one language too for most of their population.

Is it religion?
No because although American people consider themselves very religious to the extent that 90% of the American people consider themselves somewhat religious, they are vastly outdone by some Muslim countries where 90% of the population is extremely religious and practice on a regular basis which is not the case of the majority of the American People who practice in a sporadic way.

Is it the quality of the industry and of the Business .
This is easy to Judge by using pure capitalistic benchmarks.
What is the touchstone of a successfully business?
The touchstone is that your products or services are so good that they outshone the competition.
In the USA; German cars and Japanese car have gain on USA soil 40% of the market
In Germany and Japan, American cars have not gain even 2% of the market
It is the same with stereo, TV, electronics which are important items where American Business were the leaders in the sixties and are not anymore.
So it is not the quality and competitiveness of the products and services because the USA import a lot more than it sells to other countries.

Then what makes the USA unique nowadays.

1) In very recent years the USA has emerged as the sole military super power after the fall of the Soviet Empire.
The military power of the USA is so overwhelming that it makes the USA unique in this regard in today's world. The USA are a military giant.
Never in the History of mankind has one nation obtained such military supremacy over any other nation.
As a military comparison the Roman empire was ten times weaker than the USA today in relation with the rest of the world.

The question is: Will the US as a military giant use its military might to better the life of the American people first and of mankind in second?

2)The United states Democracy is unique because most of the time, it is a successful Democracy. It is a successful Democracy because the Freedom of the press is almost total and because American people when not deceived in believing government lies have proven how much they cherish their Democracy
It is unique because the American Democracy was designed by the Founding Fathers, men who were heads and shoulders above any politician then and since.
You can research deeply in the History of other Nation who tried to become Democracies and you will not find a team of Founding fathers of the greatness of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson among others. These men of outstanding characters and talents by their actions and their writings sculpted the frame and concept of the American Democracy. Even more they sculpted the soul of the American Nation.
It was also of tremendous significance that when the US was in huge crisis two men of gigantic stature stepped up to the plate: Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

These American leaders were absolutely true to the simple Definition of Democracy which is: " The government of the People by the people"

The Nation: The United States of America is a Giant. American people are an extraordinary People.
They are the most generous people on earth which they have proven time and time again coming to the rescue of Europe and other Nations.
They are also generous among each other giving more to charity that any other people in the world and being personally involved in mentoring young people and helping disabled or older people.
They are also a very patriotic people and when not miss used by the government for political purpose it is a remarkable strong element of this unique people.
You can also see that during President Clinton Impeachment following all the attacks on him on deals such as White waters, they despised his accusers and among them they gave a 10% approval to kenneth Starr his prosecutor equal to their approval of Saddam Hussein. The American People gave at this time a 70% rate of approval to President Clinton.
The American People in our era of great information are wise and smart. The only way to make them make stupid decisions is to lie to them and that was what was done by President Bush to make the American People go to war against Iraq.

Half illiterate President Nixon and half illiterate President George Bush Junior have proven to be the worst People that America produces.
These Presidents before accessing the ultimate power never deeply acquainted themselves by extensive reading of the uniqueness and magnitude of the Founding Fathers. These Presidents are of a different intellectual and moral breed than the majority of the American People. The American people were disgusted when the truth about President Nixon lies was revealed and it will be the same when the truth about President Bush Junior will be revealed.
However thanks to constant deceptions, lies and clever marketing they were elected.

We all know that Nixon was a burglar and had to resign in infamy but what is less known is that when he was a candidate in order to ensure political gains against President Lyndon Johnson he prevented by lying very important negotiation that could have shorten the Vietnam war tremendously and save the lives of American soldiers.
It is my belief that Candidate Nixon is directly responsible for the death of thousands of American Soldiers in Vietnam before he became President.

President George Bush Junior has committed the absolute crime against the American People. He Hijacked the tragedy of 9/11 and manipulated the Patriotism of the American People for personal and political gains leading the deceived American People in an unnecessary war. He has succeeded in making the naturally generous and fair American People the enemies of the entire world.
President Bush has engineered World War IV ( world war III being the cold war)
Due to his dishonesty and megalomania American People are going to suffer for Generations and generations to come.

Let us work so that the USA can become a Gentle Giant again as it was before President Bush Junior was elected, as it still was mostly after the tragedy of 9/11 and the war against Afghanistan and before the unprovoked war against Iraq. Let us work to recreate a world when that Gentle Giant was loved and admired by 80% of the people in the world. A gentle giant is so confident that unless provoked he does not go to war. Because he is gentle everybody loves him. because he is powerful everybody wants to be on his side and respects him. However when provoked people know that with a simple swat of his hand he can destroy a country.
People loved him because they knew they could feel secure feeling that the gentle giant will help them and never harm them if they did not provoke him.
It is this crucial Trust that President Bush Junior fatally soiled when he attacked Iraq on false pretenses.

Eric Lafayette
September 2003

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What makes President Bush presidential tenure characteristic is the constant stream of lies, lies he and his government tell the American People.
All the lies affect the very core of the life of American People. Lies on War, Racism, Education, Environment, .
Actually the lies work extremely well. It is easy to understand why.
If you take the example of an average american family, husband and wife, they work and they raise children and that takes them most of their time, they can only remember and process the headlines on TV .
They watch the news on TV and do not have extra time to investigate if their president is lying to them.
President Bush Junior has being elected on name recognition and perfect marketing which allowed a quick sale of the product regardless of the substance and quality of the product.
Abraham Lincoln said something similar to that effect: " You can fool all the people once and one person all the times but you cannot fool all the people all the times", It will be interesting to see if President Bush Junior can be reelected and if reelected he will not be impeached for having fooled a lot of people all the times.
So whatever their president and his government tell them they believe it; first because it is normal to trust your president second because they do not have the time to read many other sources of media to have a broader picture of the events in their country and around the world.
In recent history the only President who lied so much to the American people in matters regarding the American people was President Nixon.

It is working very well.
One of the main reason invoked by President Bush and his government of going to war against Saddam Hussein and Iraq was that Iraq and Saddam Hussein were sponsoring Islamic terrorism and Al queida in particular.
The President and his advisers were smart enough to spin the truth in a significant way so that American People believed that Saddam Hussein himself was behind the 9/11 bombing
It worked so well that more than 50% to 70% of American People Surveys after the bombing in New York on 9/11 answered that they believed that Saddam Hussein was linked to this bombing.
In that case the opinion of the American people is mind boggling and only constant lies from the US government could have brainwashed the American People.

Here are the facts:

Saddam Hussein Baathist party and philosophy is a form of socialism against all religions. It is an heir to the cold war socialist block. Saddam Hussein worked hard at trying to eradicate the fundamentalists Muslims.
Socialism has always been an ennemy of religion
Saddam Hussein has killed more Islamic fundamentalists in his country that any coalition has ever killed in Iraq.
Saddam Hussein has waged a war against Iran who is an Islamic fundamentalist country which harbored and helped terrorism against the USA for many years , He killed killing millions of Iranian fundamentalists Muslims.
Saddam Hussein knowing very well that the threat to his power based on a non religious state was coming from fundamentalists Muslims had hunted them down without mercy.
Saddam Hussein was the worst enemies fundamentalists Muslims could see in the whole word.
The government referred to a base harboring fundamentalist Muslims in Iraq and that was one of the proof that convinced the American People to go to war but what they did not publicized is the fact that the terrorist training camp was situated in the no fly zone where Saddam Hussein could not fly his plane to observe them and to destroy them and that on top of that they were in the semi independent Kurdish zone where Saddam Hussein had very little reach.
Further more these terrorists camp were never attacked by US troops during the war and the terrorists were allowed to withdraw freely on the only condition that they abandon their heavy weapons but not their small weapons. They were given preferential treatment.
Bloody anti semitism being a common value among all Arab nations in this part of the world Saddam Hussein was paying Palestinian suicide bombers and helping terrorism against Israel.

In the case of the active strong link of Saddam with fundamentalist Islamic terrorism aimed at the USA it does not exist. But President Bush was skillful enough in his deception so that 50% to 70% of the American People gobbled up his lies.
In that case the White House cannot hide itself behind faulty intelligence such as it was in the case of nuclear weapons, because not one element but all the elements point in the direction that Saddam hussein was not supporting al Queida and its affiliates but that he was their worst enemy. He began keeping a line of communication open with them when it began clear to him that they both had a common enemy: The USA. And the saying is: " The enemies of my enemies are my friends". Saddam Hussein was at best paying a small insurance premium to Al queida in order not to be bother by them.
The money he publicized giving to fundamentalist terrorist was given to Palestinian to kill Jewish people.

Regarding the nuclear weapons, Today we know with certainty that there was not any. But what is more important before the war the UN inspectors indicated that they did not find any Nuclear weapon yet and they needed more time to search for them.
President Bush the second fearing to be deprived of his War as its personal crused if UN inspectors did not find any Weapon os mass destruction,, President Bush rebuked their demand to continue searching and told them to get the Hell out of the country.
After the war the only piece of Nuclear equipment was an electric device the size of a tin can. If you know that in order to build an atomic bomb you need a facility the size of half a football field and millions of tons of concrete, the proof shown by the US is a joke and further more with the presence of the United Nations inspectors on the ground there was no way Iraq could build a nuclear weapon for the next twenty years.
Who is not afraid of Nuclear weapons when a President tells you that it is what Saddam hussein will possess them soon adding the lie of urgency to convert the American People to go to war.
By all standards this was the most efficient lie President George Bush forced down the throat of the American People.

Regarding weapons of mass destructions, President Bush has plain and simply told in Poland that American troops had found them. What American troops had found was old trucks totally empty of weapons of mass destruction but that may or may not have been used to manufacture weapons of mass destruction.
He lied primarily to the Polish people to comfort them in the illusion that they did not go to war on false pretenses.
Why did President Bush lied so plainly to the Polish People. Hard to say or maybe he believed that because they have less media coverage and information they are completely stupid and perfect pigeons for unsophisticated lies.

We have an incredible series of lies coming from George Bush Junior as a candidate and as a President, a small sample of them is :
Making the American People believe that he is not a racist and that he does not support racism
Making the American People believe that he wanted a less divided Nation.
Making the American people believe that he cares for the environment.

Making the American people believe that he cares for the environment

All these are pure and simple lies and the list is even longer.

As the lies come out of President Bush Junior and his government following outrageous lies from Georges Bush Junior then candidate for the Presidency we will keep you informed of this constant stream of lies.
Because it is an ever flowing stream of lies it is hard to keep up with the publication and analysis of these lies but our staff will continue to list and analyses the Pattern of lies of the Bush administration by updating this article or writing new articles.

Eric Lafayette October/November 2003

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